How we help you to feel better

About us

Lewisham Talking Therapies offers a range of free and confidential talking therapies and specialist support to help you reduce depression and anxiety symptoms. We offer a range of short-term psychological therapies to adults 18 years and over, who are registered with a Lewisham GP or living within the Lewisham Borough.

We offer a range of therapies

We believe that therapy is most effective when you focus on one course of treatment at a time. Given this, we only offer one type of therapy. If you are currently in therapy elsewhere, we would advise that you wait until this is completed and take some time to consolidate your learning before considering a referral to our service.

Online therapy

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Many of our service users choose to access our online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) program called SilverCloud. You get the same content and individual support from a clinician, without needing to commit to attending regular sessions.

Workshops & group therapy

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Many people reaching out for help from mental health services often wonder if they’re “unwell enough” to be deserving of treatment. They can also be turned away by the process of getting support which involves detailed assessments and waiting lists.

One-to-one therapy

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Guided Self Help is a structured set of sessions that can be tailored to your specific difficulties to help your own understanding and your self-management of these difficulties. We will look more at how your difficulties operate in the ‘here and now’ and what may be keeping them going; the focus will not be on past events.

Other therapies

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When needed, we offer other forms of one-to-one therapy such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Counselling. This is often reserved for those who have tried our more readily available treatment options first. All of our treatments are short term, and the frequency of sessions will vary depending on the difficulties you are working on.

Culturally sensitive therapy

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We recognise and celebrate the cultural diversity of Lewisham borough, which is why we strive to deliver culturally sensitive therapeutic interventions across our service. We aim to break the stigma that is often associated with mental health as we empower you to reclaim control and address your difficulties one step at a time.

Employment support

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Are you unemployed and looking to find work, but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you are in work but having difficulties in your role, related to your mental health? The Lewisham Talking Therapies Employment Team are on hand to help you overcome concerns and barriers, helping you to reach your employment goals.