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Online Workshops

Many people reaching out for help from mental health services often wonder if they’re unwell enough” to be deserving of treatment. They can also be turned away by the process of getting support which involves detailed assessments and waiting lists. 

In just the same way as our physical health difficulties can range in severity, so it is with our mental health. You may feel you are functioning very well or perhaps that you’re just about managing to cope with the demands of daily life. Whatever the case may be if you’re struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression or stress you can still benefit from mental health support. 

Our workshops are designed to support people with mild to moderate common mental health difficulties to learn practical skills to better manage their wellbeing. In addition to learning how to use evidence-based CBT techniques you will also benefit from peer support and the recognition that you are not alone in the difficulties you experience. 

You will benefit from our workshops if you:

  • Have a private space to join the group session.
  • Have access to the internet and laptop/PC with webcam or smartphone to access MS Teams. 
  • Like the idea of a very practical approach that focuses on increasing understanding of mental health and learning skills and techniques based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 
  • Want to understand more about the links between physical and mental health and learn how changes in lifestyle including physical activity, diet, and sleep can improve wellbeing. 
  • Would like to reduce social isolation and/or stigma associated with mental health difficulties.
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Current Workshops:

We are not currently running any online workshops.  Dates will be announced if/when these become available.