Who we help / Employment Support

Those with employment difficulties

We understand that any concerns related to employment can have a large impact on mental health, so we ensure that we provide support around this. As part of the Governments Welfare to work programme, employment support is an integral part of assisting people with Mental Health concerns to return to work, stay in work, start Employment or Engage with activities in the Community.

What do we support with?

We offer a range of assistance including:

  • Career guidance – Research support for your chosen career, looking at transferrable skills and planning steps of how to enter that role
  • Assistance to access training, education and volunteering opportunities
  • Employability support, e.g. CV development, help with application forms, job search support and interview guidance
  • Assistance to liaise with your employer and to negotiate reasonable adjustments
  • Help to develop a return-to-work plan and guidance with regards to coping strategies around staying healthy at work
  • Support to develop in your role or move into a new job through exploration of training and self-development opportunities

How do I access the support?

To be referred to our employment support team, please speak to your therapist or the clinician carrying out your initial screening. You will then be contacted by a member of the Employment team, via email or telephone to book in an initial assessment to discuss your employment support needs. After this appointment you will be advised of the support we can offer from our in-house employment team or we may suggest other local organisations that will feel will better suit your employment needs.

How does Employment Support work?

If you are deemed suitable for our in-house employment support you will be allocated to an Employment Adviser for initially three months. During this time, you will be able to keep in touch with one another via regular appointments or emails, depending on what feels most suitable. We will discuss practical advice and steps to take, whilst supporting you to follow these through.

As part of the South London and Maudsley Employment and Vocational Service teams we belong to the Work Well Network to share good practice and assess relevant training. They also provide an Employment Advice Line and some useful tips and advice.

A one-to-one therapy session with participants wearing face coverings.

A patient's story

“Fantastic to have someone really good to talk to about practical options”

“The consultant was very good and really helped to improve my interview skills . I also really appreciated when they rang to ask me about one of my interviews”

“It enabled me to find solutions and to see that I did actually have skills. The thing stopping me was confidence”

“This has been a good experience! Especially the meeting I had just before my interview where I was given some really good advice which helped with me securing not only a second interview but being offered the job.”

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