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Help and emotional support to LGBTQ+ people

Mental health problems can affect anyone but being LGBTQ+ means you are more at risk of experiencing poor mental health (Stonewall Report,2018). Being LGBTQ+ doesn’t cause these problems. But some things LGBTQ+ people go through can affect their mental health, such as discrimination, homophobia or transphobia, social isolation, rejection, and difficult experiences of coming out.

Asking for help

We also know that LGBTQ+ people might struggle in accessing support due to various barriers.

Healthcare discrimination – LGBTQ+ people can experience negative remarks, being outed without their consent, inappropriate curiosity and pressured to access services to change or question sexuality/gender (Stonewall, 2018). Therefore, it is not surprising that a healthcare setting which should be a safe space to share personal information can often not feel this way. In particular when accessing mental health care we need to feel able to be open and honest about the struggles we are dealing with in a non-judgemental space.

Confidentiality – it’s not always safe for us to be out or we may not have a safe space to be able to talk from home so it is more likely that our community may have concerns about information being shared.

Lack of community – in the LGBTQ+ community there can be a common theme of isolation due to societal, social and familial pressures, homophobia and transphobia. This can mean that we are not as likely to be supported in accessing mental health treatment or see this an option.

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A one-to-one therapy session with participants wearing face coverings.

A patient's story

"It was helpful to learn new techniques for managing anxiety and low mood"

"The group helped me understand I am not alone and that there are other people with similar problems"

"I just want to say thank you so much to the practitioners, you were so generous with your time and energy. You have both been so compassionate and I have really appreciated coming to these sessions and do feel like I am much better equipped to start making some improvements. Thank you again!"

How an IAPT service can help you

We acknowledge these difficulties exist and our service aims to offer a safe and non-judgemental therapeutic space. IAPT offers short-term talking therapies to give you space to explore your emotions and learn techniques to manage your symptoms of anxiety and depression.

We offer a range of therapies depending on your needs, such as guided self-help sessions with a therapist, computerised or 1-1 cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling. We can also signpost you to specialist services if needed.

Additional resources:

A queer inclusive and non-judgemental holistic wellbeing and sexual health service for trans clients, members of the trans community, their friends, and families. They also offer free counselling (for those in Greater London), support, advice, and clinic at King’s College Hospital.


This service provides individual mental health support and wellbeing workshops for
members of the LGBTQ community.


Supports LGBTQ+ individuals who are victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence,
hate crime, conversion therapy, honour-based abuse, forced marriage and other
forms of abuse. Helpline available on their website alongside a self-referral form.


London Friend provides support for the LGBTQ+ community through counselling and support groups.


Counselling services are offered through Metro for free those aged 18 and under, and low-cost options are available for those 18+. They also have a Proud & Well service for those wanting to work on aspects of wellbeing which runs alongside their Thursday social drop-in.


A longstanding LGBTQ+ counselling and psychotherapy service for individuals, couples, and families.


An independent therapy organisation working with gender and sexual diversity clients. Easy to access through their ‘Find a Therapist’ service online.


SPECTRA offer Trans support through free counselling, peer support groups, workshops, and peer mentoring.


An online chat & email service provided via their website or telephone helpline. https://switchboard.lgbt/