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Our service has helped many people improve their quality of life by supporting them with overcoming their depression and anxiety.
Simply tap or click on the boxes below to read a small sample of anonymous feedback from clients who have completed therapy.

“Very impressed so far with the balance between theory and opportunities to put it into practice, coupled with the fact that it seems manageable to complete a module per week.”

“The journal is so helpful as it encourages me to actively engage with the topics and relate them to my experiences. This is invaluable. I feel I could write in the journal all day!”

“This was helpful – it feels like there is practical information on what I need to do to get myself out of my depression.”

“I joined the group because it was the most immediate help I could get. I wasn’t sure what it would involve and am so pleased that I came.”

“Found the group setting really comforting and useful. Found the CBT and mindfulness strategies really useful.”

“Was helpful and friendly, the group situation was surprisingly more helpful than expected.”

“I found the whole thing very helpful. From the first call – everyone was very nice. The telephone sessions were much more helpful than I expected. I thought I was beyond help but I’ve been really pleased with the whole service.”

“They took the time to understand my problems and needs and offered practical guidance and help. I feel I have progressed in large part due to my clinician’s advice. The telephone was a very convenient way for me to receive treatment.”

“I had a short course of CBT self-help sessions. It was very helpful and I have a toolkit for taking things forward. It was very useful investment of my time.”

“My Employment Advisor’s advice and guidance has been invaluable in boosting my confidence, along with a community workshop run by the team. I have since secured a new job and couldn’t thank my Employment Advisor enough! I’ve been so grateful for the help.”

“It’s always easier when you have guidance and a helping hand; that’s exactly what the employment support service provided me with. Furthermore, the motivation provided was a key factor in changing the way I thought about myself. It enabled me to be more proactive and increase my skillset by doing courses and furthering my learning. As a result, employment support helped me rethink my career choice and find a new passion.”

“My Employment Advisor provided excellent advice for me! Her talent to listen to people and know what would be best for them is outstanding. She tailored every session to what I wanted to work on and helped me step by step to achieve my vision.”

“It is now my second week at my new job and I’ve never felt this confident in my life. I’m in a positive state of mind and loving my job. I wouldn’t have done any of these things without my Employment Advisor supporting me every step of the way. I’m forever grateful.”

Friendly female therapist listening to her patient.